Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Yesterday was world earth day. Over the past years 'saving our planet' and 'going green' has gained prominence but beyond the big words and fancy jargon is a simple concept of using your share of the earth. This link contains the bigger picture the ugly turn of events perpetuated by us, the dwellers of planet earth.

But question is how can we help, what can we do and how will it help ? Most people associate being environmentally friendly with fancy organic products at exclusive markets or high priced green products, but the problem can be tackled at an even more basic level than that. Take a look at this you tube video which simply demonstrates little changes we can make and also see what Oprah has to say on this.

Here are a few on my suggestions for being kind to the environment.

1) Use a tap fitted water filter, its so much better and cheaper than buying water jars at the grocery store. Trust me its really worth it, the cost and convenience aside the water is safe pure and available to you as desired.

2) Recycle plastic,metal,paper,fiber,cloth and anything reusable. Recycle jam and sauce jars to store spices, grocery bags to throw out trash, old worn out fabrics to wipe surfaces, aluminum foil can be used more than once, the list is endless.

3) Plan your grocery shopping is such a way that you don't end up wasting food. Have a good idea about your consumption to buy and cook only as much as you consume.

4) Do away with the extras while eating out, share meals to avoid wastage, do away with accompaniments that you never eat ( like sticky rice in a Chinese restaurant). Use your disposable crockery with discretion ,you don't need 5 sets of plastic spoons for two people and why bother take those chopsticks when you are never going ot use them.

5) While doing laundry try to do a full load and try to be judicious with what goes for laundry (that scarf you wore for 2 hours need not be washed).

These are just a few of the little changes in our lifestyles that can go a long way in creating a better planet for tomorrow.We have been using up more than our share of resources so its time now to give back to the environment.


Anonymous said...

RECYCLE...OMG I had a great time this earth day....I participated in a walk. I missed sisterhood...specially Ash who was(is) totally vexed with my recycle talk.

Wajiha said...

I'm totally into all things green and am getting some ashwini like reactions from ikram !! btw the story of stuff video was sent by bhushan bhai !

Homecooked said...

hey nice post...

Wajiha said...

hey thanks , how have you been ?

Nisha said...

i have started recycling aluminium cans!!! m proud of it!!!

Anonymous said...

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