Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feast of love part IV - Tandoori fish

The main dish of my meal was a simple tandoori flavored fish. I marinated the fish for about 4-5 hours which resulted is mild fishy odor with a great tandoori smokiness. Although I'm not a big boxed masala person but in certain preparations they really enhance the flavor, tandoori dishes for instance.


6 big pieces of trout
3 tablespoon yogurt
1 Tbls spoon salt (the marinade has to be salty)
2 Tbl spoon Shaan tandoori masala (love this brand it has food color already added)
1 tblspoon dhanya zeera powder
1 tblspoon green chilli paste
1/2 tbls spoon redchilli powder

1)Take all the dry ingredients and green chilli paste and mix it with enough yogurt to form a semi dry paste its shouldn't be too runny just wet enough to coat the fish.

2)Marinate the fish in a closed container in the refrigerate for as long as 6-8 hours.

3)Pre heat your oven to 350'

4)Take a flat baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and grease it with oil

5)Place the fish pieces on the sheet and dribble oil over it.

6)Bake it for 30 - 45 mins just before serving.

My next post will be about the tangy sauce to go with it.

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Homecooked said...

Your fish looks yummy! I am drooling over here!By the way does trout have a lot of thorns ?